About us:

Happening in Philippines is a Philippine-based news and entertainment website that covers relevant, informative, and trending local and international stories.


To provide the Philippines with stories that are inspiring and/or informative.


Happening in Philippines is created to provide the Philippines with stories that are inspiring, entertaining, informative, or all at the same time. HIP aims to provide up and dated stories from various sources online. The website aims to better explain and arrange stories in a much understandable manner for their audience.


Happening in Philippines is driven to provide stories that would give information and give entertainment to Filipinos.

The website practices a neutral manner of writing articles especially when dealing with controversial stories. However, arguments that are in need of being published though controversial are still provided content.

HIP articles are based and derived from various sources both offline and online.

HIP is an independent website that is no way affiliated with the government or any government-associated organizations.

Trending stories are the website’s top priority since the website relies on the amount of response from it’s audience.